Hello everyone. At present I am coping with an incredibly common Content Management System known as Joomla and believe me it is quite easy to create any type of Internet site employing this tool. But this post is about an issue faced by me in Joomla. I lost my admin password accidentally but I located a approach to recover them which helped me a great deal. And that is what I'm going to talk about with you. Following would be the measures to follow-

  • Open phpMyAdmin. I have installed XAMPP to run Joomla and phpMyAdmin comes with XAMPP.
  • Now select the database you have created for your Joomla installation. For your information, Joomla asks for a database to store all the information during the installation.\
  • Select the table ending with _users. Here I have pbu76_users table.
  • Now we’ll edit this table. So click on edit icon.

  • Now inside the password field pick function md5 and then type the password you want to set for the account. You are able to see this within the screenshot. Now click Go.
  • Congrats! We've got successfully reset the admin password for Joomla. You'll be able to reset password for any user by way of this way. I hope you like it.

Precisely the same process is applicable to WordPress also.

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