According to Anjelina Sharma (web developer) article, Joomla, to put it simply, is a great fit for ecommerce stores. It is an easy-to-use ecommerce store. This is perhaps the main reason why it has succeeded in the ecommerce front. You know that internet users have very little patience. Ecommerce buyers, on the other hand, have no patience at all when it comes to accessing whatever they want to access. An ecommerce business is a lucrative career choice, but only if you're able to steer it in the right direction. Convenience is key. Convenience is at the heart of initial success tasted by you. Convenience is what your consumers want. Your products might be terrific but don't expect too many buyers if you don't have equally convenient payment options as well. Your customers would want to pay right through your site and not their e-mail and wait till you receive it after which they can send the order back. The whole exercise is time-consuming and your customers cannot really wait for so much to happen. They want everything fast.

So, as an ecommerce entrepreneur, irrespective of whatever you are selling (food, clothes, books, shoes, accessories etc) you need to ensure that your services are backed by an effective shopping cart. Today, we are going to zero in on the best Joomla shopping cart extensions for entrepreneurs. Selecting the right extension is equally important as choosing the right Joomla website template. So, here we go.

Eshop: Ease of use wins again

One of the primary reasons why this particular extension has succeeded is because of its ease of use. It is extremely easy to use and adjust. Troubleshooting (whenever needed) is easy. You can access their customer support service and they will definitely help you with your needs. The core features of this cart extension are meant to make your site work to its optimal potential:

  • More than ten shipping methods
  • Single page checkout
  • Automatic image resizing
  • More than 20 payment gateways
  • The presence of standard Joomla toolbars, groups, layouts (all very easy to access)
  • Wish list products
  • Different tax rates based on geo zones

J2Store: Bolsters functionality in more ways than what you can imagine

The greatest attribute of this particular feature is that even its free versions offer you great functionality. You can showcase or organize your products beautifully with its help.

There is scope to put unlimited products to the fore. The items can be showcased with the right zoom effect. Don't miss out on the pro-support documentation as well. Both physical and downloadable goods can be sold.

JooCmmerce: What you need to find out about this one

The feature set offered by this one is quite powerful. Once again, it is very easy to use and is backed by the following remarkable attributes:

  • GPL License
  • Paypal integrated
  • Stripe Integrated
  • Country Filtering
  • Great internalization
  • Shipping
  • Great tax management console

It is extremely important for ecommerce entrepreneurs to find out about these plugins so as to shore up user experience.

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