How to add article images on Joomla?

STEP 1. Left click the Content > Article Manager menu piece to move to the article manager, choose the article to manage and click on the edit button on the toolbar. Click on add new article command button in the Panel of Control. In case to log in to the front end, insert suitable rights and presentation of the article you desire to correct: left click on the edit button on the toolbar.

STEP 2. Select where you would like to resemble your image located in the pour of the manuscript by stirring the mouse cursor and click on the ‘Image editor’ command button at the base of the monitor.
STEP 3. In the ‘Insert Image’ display open the excess of the pinnacle of the Edit Article display. Select a picture by clicking on it.

  • You can even shift the index by clicking on the directory image.
  • Utilize the fall down folder field to rapidly choose the index and left click the Up button to move up the index stage.

STEP 4. Position the image possessions as necessary:

  • Image Description: this turn out to be the alt characteristic for the image, the important characteristic for convenience and fulfillment with web principles.
  • Image Title: utilized for the voluntary subtitle and even becomes the title characteristic in the HTML.
  • Align: place the image arrangement. In case left vacant the align characteristic is not place.
  • Caption: allows the subtitle that displays the Image Title under the image.

STEP 5. Left Click on the ‘Insert’ button to include the image. The include image display will close as well as the image will be showed in the editor.

  •  Left Click on ‘Cancel’ command button to depart the insert image display.