So you setup your Joomla! website, produced it live, as well as a couple of weeks/months/years later realised that you'd forgotten to allow the HTAccess file for SEF URL's. The finish result becoming that as an alternative to obtaining a nice Search Engine (and user) friendly URL like /category/Blogs/post/, you as an alternative have /index.php/category/Blogs/post/.
You may just enable the HTAccess file, but all of the old URL's will return a 404. Not excellent if your web site has currently been indexed by search engines, even significantly less fantastic if you have got a great deal of inbound links on other web sites.


It's in fact incredibly straightforward to resolve, and within this post I'll be displaying you the two simple steps you need to take to configure your web site to redirect the old /index.php/* URLs towards the nice SEF ones you would like.

The very first step is easy, we want to allow the HTAccess file (assuming you haven't currently). In the root of one's Joomla! internet site can be a file named htaccess.txt, rename it to .htaccess

Second step: We need to have to add a mod_Rewrite rule to catch the old-style hyperlinks. Open .htaccess inside a text editor and uncover the line "RewriteEngine On". Right away under add the following (lines with a hash are comments, it is possible to skip these if required)

# Make sure the requested URL isn't a file or directory
# Why you'd create a directory called index.php, but best to be sure
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

# Use a reg-Ex to find URL's where index.php is followed by something.
# If so, create a redirect to whatever followed the slash
RewriteRule ^index.php/(.*)$ /$1 [R=301]

Do not forget to save the file!

Now in the event you visit http://yoursite/index.php/category/Blogs/post/ you should be redirected to http//yoursite/category/Blogs/post/. Due to the fact you are sending a 301 (Permanently moved), the search engines must update their indexes at the same time.

It really is something folks encounter a good deal, but as you'll be able to see it's incredibly straightforward to resolve.

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