According to Jason Roiz (Joomla Programmer) article, A content management system is software that acts like a library keeping track of all the content on a website. It includes simple text, photos, music videos, or documents. CMS does not need any special technical skill and any one can use it. Joomla is a CMS used for creating online applications and websites.

Joomla is known to be easy to use and extensible; that is the reason which makes it the most popular website available. Joomla also happens to be an open source which makes it available to all. Joomla uses PHP language and has My SQL as its database.


Joomla Customization has a huge scope as a Content Management System. It is used to enhance websites all over the world including: Corporate Websites or portals,Corporate Intranets and extranets, online magazines, newspapers, and publications, e-commerce and online reservations, government applications, small business web sites, non-profit and organizational websites, community-based portals, school and church portals and personal homepage.

Advantages to look forward

Joomla Customization powers up portal from corporate websites to homepages. It is used in applications dealing with e-commerce storefronts, community portals, e-magazines and Image galleries. Joomla gives an affordable alternative to website designing. The features of Content Management System, page caching, RSS feed, Printable versions are developed by Joomla. It keeps all the data in centralized database. Joomla becomes interactive and powerful due to the third party plug ins. Joomla creates search engine friendly URLs and site structure. Joomla has a text editor akin to a Word Pad that makes it easy for a layman to edit the web content.

Easy to build a website

It is easy to create a website if you use Joomla. Joomla is easy to install or set up even by a new user. There is plenty of Webs hosting services you can use to click 'install' and get Joomla activated. Joomla offers the simplicity and speed of setting up websites for clients. The clients can then be given instructions by Joomla programmers on how to manage their own sites. Clients can even apply for specialized functionality as several extensible are available in the Joomla Extensions Directory.

The reason to use Joomla

Joomla is easy to use and pick up by those who do not have technical expertise. With Joomla you can design an attractive website within no time. Joomla's easy usability makes it convenient to produce a functional website. Follow a few steps that will get Joomla activated: You need to log on to the administrator section and then add the content - text, photos or files. Click on Administrator and enter your username and password and work with the backend of the site.

Joomla programmers find the functionality factor of this CMS very useful. There is no end to the functions that you can add to Joomla and expand its functionality. For Joomla users there are plenty of forums offering support. Avail of programmers at affordable rates if you would like to outsource your web designing to professionals.

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