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Joomla 3.2.2 Hosting - with :: How to Enable Content History

clock February 28, 2014 07:06 by author ben

Great! Joomla 3.2.2 Stable has been released. This has been a great effort with contributions from over 30 volunteers. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all contributors.
This release is a bug fix release, but we recommend that users perform a Joomla upgrade in order to take advantage of the fixes that have been released.

A Joomla upgrade can be performed directly in the Joomla administrative backend.
One of the best new features in the latest version of Joomla is Content History.

Enable within Article Manager

First step, go to "Content" -> "Article Manager" ->"Options"

After that, go to "Editing Layout" tab;
In "Save History" coloum, choose "Yes";

Adjust the "Maximum Versions" setting to your preference. This sets the number of latest revisions to save for the article.
And click "Save & Close".

Test the Feature
For make test feature, enter an article, make a few revisions, then click "Save". Make a few more revisions, then click "Save" again. Finally, click on the "Versions" button to see the saved changes.

In the above screenshot everything's working. I can now preview a revision, restore it, compare it to another, keep it on, and delete it.Remember, the function of Keep On/Forever option is to store that version indefinitely. We using an example in this tutorial because it is an easy way to explain this feature.
Do you know about the function of the Maximum Versions setting? If you set that to 5, then 5 versions of that article are saved. On the 6th one, the 1st version gets deleted so that there are still 5 versions left total. What if you want to keep the first one or any other article? That's where the Keep On setting comes into play. If you enable it for that article version, it won't automatically get deleted from the list, but rather will remain there untouched. It's basically a "lock" feature that prevents deletion.

Joomla Hosting – :: PSD to Joomla Template Conversion

clock February 21, 2014 11:07 by author ben

Joomla is one of the widly used software that allows you to create a professional-looking and user friendly website in a verry short time. And in Joomla Web development, PSD to Joomla conversion is an inevitable process.

Any PSD file can be converted into a Joomla Template by following these three easy steps. Simply go through the following illustrated steps for the PSD to Joomla conversion :

  1. Slicing the PSD:
    First, you must slice the PSD file into multiple layers viz. header, footer, content or navigation part. Slicing should be done with a keen eye because it creates the base for your website. You should also work on the parts which you don’t want to duplicate using the CSS such as the images, logo and the buttons. So slice out all your images and save them in a separate folder called images.

  2. Conversion and Styling:
    • HTML Conversion : Now next thing in conversion is the coding of  image files in a proper semantic form. It should be kept in mind that your conversion is well structured with a table-less Search Engine friendly semantics.
    • CSS Styling : In another step you have to start developing your Cascading Style Sheet popularly called as CSS. While designing a CSS, you should check whether it is meeting all the requirements of website.
    • JavaScript : In this part of conversion implement all your JavaScript into the website. Make your website more attractive and add dynamic interaction with the use of proper JavaScript.

  3. Joomla Integration:
    Here, you need to be verry consious in order to avoid any inconsistency in the data. It would be better to hire a professional Joomla designer who has all the required expertise to carry out this conversion in an efficient manner. So, now, create a relevant folder and directories required for your website. Create a Template_thumbnail.png for displaying  template image in admin panel and a template_details.xml which will be serving as the  main file that Joomla reads to install a template. Finally make a zip file of the complete folder and install it using the Extension Manager in your Joomla Content Management System. Proudly Launches IIS 8.5 Hosting

clock February 10, 2014 10:05 by author ben proudly launches the support of IIS 8.5 on all their newest Windows Server 2012 R2 environment. IIS 8.5 Hosting plan starts from just as low as $1.00/month only.,a leading web hosting provider and ASP.NET specialist, today launched the latest update of the Microsoft IIS technology. The IIS 8.5,  introduces many new features including several that focus on premium media experiences and business application development for faster loading websites, business services and applications regardless of an organisations requirements.

IIS 8.5 will be released with the Windows Server 2012 R2 product. With IIS 8.5, the IIS team continued its focus on scalability and manageability improvements.  IIS 8.5 adds sophisticated features like Dynamic Website Activation, Enhanced Logging and Logging to Event Tracing for Windows in IIS .8.5.

Another wonderful feature of IIS 8.5  is Suspended AppPools. This new feature allows applications hosted on IIS 8.5 to be suspended instead of being terminated, so when the site is shutdown because of the idle timeout, instead of completely killing the worker process, all the state is saved into disk.

“Our customers have been asking us about IIS 8.5 and we are happy to deliver a hosting platform that supports all the latest in the Microsoft Web Stack. With the launched of IIS 8.5 hosting services, we hope that developers and our existing clients can try this new features.” said Dean Thomas, Manager at

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